Welcome to the trial QR Code Treasure Hunt, which various organisations from West Howe have worked together to form. This is a short version of what we hope to produce on a larger scale around the area. The vision is that we can slowly introduce various QR Code Treasure Hunts like this. Some may take an afternoon to complete, others might be short walks around the area and have simple clues for families with younger children. There are many possibilities.

To take part in this activity you will need a phone with:
• A relevant barcode scanner app installed
• Access to the internet

As you go from place to place you will notice that there are either letters or numbers underneath each QR Code. You will need to make a note of these as you find them, because at the end you will receive a link to let us know what they are in order. Don’t be tempted to click on any random code you come across, because you will most probably miss out on more than one clue.

As you scan the QR code, clues will come up as either a web page (as in this instance), a photograph, a YouTube clip, etc. These will give you ideas as to where to go next.. For instance, if you saw a photograph of two or three chocolate bars (which you won’t!), it might mean that you need to visit Mace on Cunningham Crescent. Be careful though, they may not all be as straight forward as that! For instance, even if a venue seems easy to find, the QR code may not be so easy to locate when you get there!

We welcome any useful feedback after you have completed this trial course for us – particularly places you think would be good locally to visit as we plan other courses, and also how easily the technology worked with the various clues you will receive.

Thank you.

YOUR FIRST CLUE: There’s more to this place than the old saying, “It’s all swings and roundabouts”.